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HD Guide - Recordings Cleanup

Question asked by brycecampbell on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by shaw-ken

So we have a DCX 3510-M -- works great, a vast improvement over the legacy boxes and the HD Guide, while at first was meh, is now totally awesome and whenever am somewhere else that has the legacy or gateway guide, I struggle with their complexity. Not having to figure out what the HD channel number is, not having unsubscribe channels in the guide, and a pretty slick PVR menu are all great improvements that make it a breeze to use!


This leave me to one complaint, and honestly I am very surprised there hasn't been anything in an update to address such. Tried to find a feedback channel for the DCX 3510-M and HD Guide, but couldn't find and didn't see to be any other channels.


My issue is that when it comes to doing a mass cleanup of recordings, but say you want to keep some programs in a series/season. It makes it very time consuming and slow to go one by one deleting each one. On the legacy PVR menu their was the PVR Cleanup, it gave you a list of recordings, and you just checked which to delete and the system did the rest -- was awesome. Only minor issue is their wasn't the show description on what you were deleting, but honestly don't see why that couldn't be added to a PVR Cleanup menu on the HD Guide -- with the slimmed down UI, sure some screen restate could be found.


Is there anything coming down the pipe to bring something better to the HD Guide devices for cleanup? We do need something. If not, is their a feature request channel, with up votes, that would be better to request such a feature for development?