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Bluesky Future Updates

Question asked by slickrick2369 on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2018 by slickrick2369

I upgraded to Blue Sky Recently and had some questions:


1) comes with setup for only 2 tv's. Have to pay for a rental of a portal for additional tvs while gateway used to include 3 tv's. Can we purchase a portal rather than paying for a rental? 


2) Are there plans to integrate Netflix and YouTube into the Bluesky? Or add other apps than the 4 preloaded


3) Skip feature only programs for 30sec or 5 min. First off it would be easier to change this but should have more options. 3 min skip was perfect on gateway 


4)A way to display just the subscribed channels/channels on free preview and maybe use a different colour to distinguish between HD and SD


5)When looking at the sports ticker, it updates scores live. Possibly add ability to show individual stats from the game (goals and assisted by) 


6) Add more HD content. Especially NFL Network, and regional Sportsnet. Rogers has the NHL contract and will show different games in dif regions (that aren't blacked out)  We have all 5 TSN. We should have all 4 regional Sportsnet in HD too. And yes I have filled out the request form already.