The worst customer service I've ever seen

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Sunday Mar 26 - completed online order for service and was contacted by rep about setup. Options were wednesday the 5 or self install. I chose self install which she gave me instructions to pick up at Oakridge mall by the food court any time

Friday Mar 31 - Went to Oakridge at 11am prior to 1230 call to pickup. They didnt have anything for me and couldn't help me. Fiber team was supposed to call within 15 min of 11:10am. As of noon no call

12pm March 31 - first call to shaw. Went to current account members after 9 min I was told to hang up and call new account holders

12:46pm after missing my call and sale due to no web conferencing abilities I called. After 16 min on the phone the situation was left that I would receive a call in "1, at the very most 2 hours" He said we had an appointment booked for apr 10 from 3-5

4:11pm After 3+ hours waiting for a call I called. After 40 min on the phone and 2 calls I was told to call back when I got back home because the router may in fact be already in the home. Finally given direct line to the fiber team. Conversation included conversation RE compensation, I said I wanted a large portion in the ballpark of half my term covered for the hassle and they could talk about cable as an add on to make me happy. Supervisor Ian said "that sounds reasonable, but lets get you connected to the internet and then we can handle that" Also stated we had missed an appointment on Mar 30 when we didnt even have access to the suite

11:02am 5min call Call dropped during transfer

12:52pm 54 min call  - Went and got my own personal router from storage in chilliwack because the shaw router was not accessible via password. Hooked it up and confirmed Node and modem in place already(all was for nothing) Called to let fiber team know exactly what the situation was. After 25 min of the tech laughing at me because he couldn't understand what I was saying I requested a supervisor. Spoke to Yalena(who was actually good). At this point she offered us 2 months internet covered, a third of what was discussed with Ian the day before and deemed "reasonable." This escalated to the next staff member Paymen. Who while cutting my fiancée off at each sentence and dealing with her in a manner that I felt it was necessary for me to intervene. Continued with me. Until he ended the call telling us to "Go to telus" and that we were greedy and have no idea how "it works" within shaw.

1:57 pm 15min - Paymen called back to ensure we were receiving a back from Ian - She spoke to paymen - who began to apologize profusely and said he wanted us to stay with shaw. He said he would do the 6 months and even more. In his words he would give us "a million things to make us happy" and he was going to contact ian at home on the weekend to make arrangements.

3:57pm 9min - Paymen calls back and says he talked to Ian. Continuously cuts me off and escalates voice, laughs at me and the situation. Says we are lying about the conversation with Ian and that Ian offered two months(or would) which was never discussed. He insisted on Ian calling me at noon on monday. I asked to have the department supervisor contact me directly at 1230pm because of the service I have received. After 10 min of denying me, he agreed to have him contact me at 1230.

Monday 12:36pm 5 min - Ravi calls to inform me that Ian is in a meeting and will not be able to speak with me after I have been waiting outside for a call and deliberately not booked a client. Again lost revenue. Apologizes and asks to have Ian call me at 11am tuesday. I ask the status of Ians supervisor to call me and he sees nothing in the notes about it from paymen

Monday 1250pm 17 min - Obviously upset with how this has been handled and the lack of notes or call from a supervisor I call into "new customer line" and speak to V544 Vanessa, who was professional and tried to help but upon my insistence agreed to have Jag call(supervisor)

Missed a call from Shaw Chilliwack 11:03am

Call back 11:09 to the new member line- ask status and who was calling. She informed me it was calvin, not ian, asked to be connected which she couldn't do but said they were calling back in 10 min according to the notes.

11:17am - Receive a call from another tech on fiber team, saying that Ian is in a meeting and would not be able to reach me currently. I asked him if he was "avoiding me." I informed him of the conversation with Vanessa, and that I was done with speaking to Ian as apparently he does not feel that my time is valuable. I informed him that I was awaiting a call from Jag and wanted to know when I would receive that. He said he would find out and call me back shortly.

I have since missed a call from Jag on Tuesday at 3:54pm and had a message saying he would call back in a half hour. This was April 4/2017. I had a serious family health issue and was unavailable for a term after that.

I have called back and am awaiting a call today. I have much more detailed and complete notes available. This is the compressed version. I am completely dissatisfied with the service thus far and will be sharing to my social media networks of 10k followers as well as recommending my future managed facilities make a switch over to telus for all internet, cable, and phone communications. I await your reply.