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Large volumes of Spam

Question asked by kzinke on Apr 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by shaw-lance

I've been getting a lot of spam emails (daily) into my inbox since October.  I noticed a few threads from others experiencing similar problems around the same time but mine has never resolved.  Almost all of them are flagged in the title as [Shaw Suspected Junk Email].  There's a filter set-up to move spam to the junk email box automatically but that's not happening anymore.   Unfortunately, I can't find any tutorial to show specifically what this spam filter should be set-up as.  Maybe something is wrong with the way the filter is set-up?  It was there when I got the upgraded webmail. 

current webmail filter


Maybe I've been lucky as I haven't had any issues with spam since I got this email address 11 years ago, so maybe it's time to be considering getting a new shaw email address.  I'm very careful about who gets this email address - just a few trusted friends and companies (that aren't selling/sharing email addresses) and everyone else gets a Gmail address.