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BlueSky workflow issues/enhancements

Question asked by saanichgas on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by rickatk

I have upgraded from the old Gateway system to the new BlueSky systems. So far things are good but I have some issues and workflow suggestions:


1. Use GUIDE to get to all sports listing (nice feature!), set filter to HD and things work OK. However when I come back here the filter is OFF. Can this be set permanently to HD? I'm not interested in watching SD content on my HDTV.

2. Same feature shows shows on channels I do not get (e.g. I don't have Big 10 Network), but sports events on that channel show up anyway. Is it possible to list shows only for channels I've subscribed to?

3. The Gateway system had a great setup where if I was watching a live show, then (during a commercial) I change channels, then come back to the original channel, I could go back up to 30 minutes. You can no longer go back to earlier in the show (in case you went too far ahead) on the BlueSky system. This is a major, major pain when you are watching 2 sporting events and want to work around the commercials.

4. The LAST button is handy listing a series of previous channels you've been watching, and defaulting to the last one. It would be good if I could just press LAST again to select that channel. Now i have to move to OK to select. A minor thing but something that could easily be fixed and could save time for power users.