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Epson Printer not working with AirPrint over Wi-Fi

Question asked by rydawg on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by shaw-jason

Recently, my old Wi-Fi printer stopped working properly because it would not print the pages clearly anymore, so I replaced it with a new Epson XP-330 Wi-Fi printer. So as usual, I set it up and connect it to my Wi-Fi, and basically, for some weird reason, it sometimes does not work with AirPrint all the time. I go to print something from my iPhone and it sometimes does recognize my printer while other times it does not. And what's weird about this is that when it won't recognize my printer through AirPrint, I can still go to my printers IP address and it still brings up the settings page. Even when I try using the iPrint app from my old Epson Printer, it only works sometimes but not all the time, which is odd because on my old one, it always worked. Is there something that should be fixed with my Wi-Fi settings?