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9 months later and west coast routing is still poor

Question asked by tbjeff on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by ljx

It's been 9 months since I received Shaw WideOpen 150 or whatever it's called, 9 months since I came on here and posted about a problem with connections to west coast servers. In those 9 months, other people have shown the same problem and all shaw claims is it's being investigated. 4 months later, oh it's being investigated. 7 months later, it's being investigated but we see a problem with this one IP address. Shaw has also received a notice from the CCTS about my complaint and yet after 9 months minimum because I doubt this started the day I got internet the issue still persists.  

I know for sure that if I was aware of it I wouldn't have signed a 2-year contract to be frustrated whenever I play a fast-paced online game to relieve stress or pass the time.  


If the connection does not directly peer with shaw or Zayo then it's either delayed in Seattle or routed east to Chicago for the west.    
For, and shaw will route to Seattle but as soon as it gets to Seattle the next hop is 70-90 ping instead of 30-35.  
If the connection needs to route through Comcast, Talia, Qwest, or Level 3 it will always route to Chicago instead of Seattle for California connections.  


So is this gonna actually get fixed before my contract is up or is shaw gonna keep up it's being investigated?