After Tech Call - Slow Upload & Can't Stream

Discussion created by devour on May 3, 2017
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Hi there,


My partner and I are avid gamers and he streams for a living at the moment. We recently been getting frequent drops of our internet and this really affects our gaming and streaming (more so for him because he disconnects and loses almost all his viewers). And a reminder at this point, we are able to stream no problem with high bit rate, etc. We called Tech Support yesterday and they run us through the normal pull and plug / reset router / reverse co-ax cable and all the works. He mentioned the wiring is pretty bad in our area/place and has sent out a tech 2 weeks from now.. and since our internet seems to be working, we'll be fine. This was okay for us knowing the fact we could still stream, just might have some dropped connection at some point.


An hour later - my partner tries to stream and starts getting dropped frames - never before has he gotten dropped frames. So now he's frustrated because this wasn't a problem before but now we can't get past 5mbps of upload when we do a speedtest and can't stream because we keep getting dropped frames.


We called back Tech Support but they said nothing the tech did previously would affect it and we did the whole pull and plug over and over again. Didn't fix it..


So now here we are.. having a tech come 2 weeks out when streaming is his job isn't possible as he'd be losing out on income.. so trying to get this fixed ASAP even if we get dropped connections.. just want the upload to be back up to what it should be.