Streaming on twitch IMPOSSIBLE with Shaw.

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I present you this...

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I try to stream on Twitch. Shaw upload speeds are not consistent, therefore, it results in a Stream nobody wants to watch.


That was a 3 hour stream. In that time, over 77,000 frames were dropped. Unwatchable, disgusting, and grounds for a dismissal of my contract due to Shaw being in breach. Simply put, Shaw has terrible consistency and refuse to do anything about it except repeatedly send techs and replacement equipment when it's *a problem with their infrastructure*. No, it's doesn't matter what twitch ingest server I use, and it doesn't even matter if it's twitch or not. I could try and stream to Youtube, Hitbox, Beam, or even an RTMP server across the street (I have tried) and get the *same exact results*. The upload is *not* consistent. There is absolutely zero reliability for Shaw, and they are ripping me off at this point. It also doesn't matter the time of day. Could be 2am, could be 2pm, or even 8pm. The only thing that's consistent is the problem. It's been like this for months. I am trying to stream at 6000kbps, or 6 mbps. Which, with an advertised 15mbps I should be able to do without problems.


I've had a tech out here to look at the lines. I've reset, pinhole reset, replaced my modem. They even tried to blame my damn router so I tried direct connection. NOTHING WORKS. I am *trying* to give Shaw the benefit of the doubt here, but seeing all the problems people have because Shaw doesn't think they need to deliver their advertised speed, and because they try to pull the wool over their eyes by having us run speed tests on their heavily optimized and fully dedicated Ookla servers (I'm not stupid.) to try and tell us it's okay? I want it fixed, by the end of this week. It's been MONTHS, and all I've gotten is a slap in the face of a $5 a month discount. I want if fixed. That telus 150/150 offer is looking tempting right now. 


Don't ask me to do traceroutes, and don't tell me to do speed tests. Tracerouts, for security reasons, are blocked by most RTMP servers (twitch, youtube, hitbox etc). and speed tests are the oldest trick in the book in terms of deception. I understand that Shaw must be living in the dark ages and think "everyone downloads, nobody uses their upstream very much so we can skimp on that". Well, it's 2017 now. People use it. Fix it or drop the false advertising before someone gets *really* angry and lawyers up.