BlueSky TV Bugs

Discussion created by jimwebb on May 16, 2017
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So my wife and I have had BlueSky TV for about a week now.  So far we have found numerous bugs just using the system for our daily watching.  I'm pretty surprised actually.  I know that Shaw just released this a couple of months ago, but Comcast has had it out for more than a year now haven't they?  How are some of these really reproducible bugs still present?


We decided to get two PVR's to raise our storage to 1TB, although that still doesn't seem like enough.  We previously has the Gateway system with a 1.5TB hard drive connected and had the space we needed with that.  Now on to the issues:


1. The box completely freezes when tuning to a certain channel.  I am supposed to have FrameTV.  I tune to it and it shows up as not being available with my subscription.  Shaw is apparently working on this issue to get this channel to work, but anytime I try tuning to it to see if it's been fixed yet, not long after, the video and box will freeze entirely and a hard reset is required.  I've tried tuning to other channels to see if it was an issue with tuning to channels that I'm not subscribed to, but that does not cause the issue.  Only this one channel.


2. Phantom deleted recordings happen quite a bit.  I try deleting a recording, sometimes I receive an error and sometimes not.  Even when it says the recording is being deleted, it does not get removed from the listing.  Like I said, I will try to hit D to delete a recording I just finished and many times lately I will get a "Let's try this again" error message and have to try and delete it again.  On other occasions it would delete an episode of a show that I have recorded a couple episode of and when I delete the one I just watched, it would then remove the other title from the listing and the text for the show, but there would be a black space where you could move to and sit on as if the show listing was there, but simply could be seen.  In most cases, a visit to Preferences and Sync DVR clears up these issue, but what a pain having to do that all the time.  Sync the DVR when I delete something if you have to guys.


3. Recording the hockey game tonight.  Got home at 6:15 and the game had already started, so I went to the guide, found the game and hit record.  Set it up to record 1 1/2 Hours Late and good to go.  Wife and I watched something else we had recorded.  I noticed looking in the Save listing that anything that should be recording, didn't have a recording now beside it in the list like it always did before.  So I went to the guide and there was no record icon on the game.  Huh?  So I hit record on the game again and it setup the recording again, even though there was only one listing in the Save list for the game.  Starting watching the game after it had been recording a couple hours and low and behold I found another bug.  The recording bar on the bottom of the screen would show a little bit of the recorded length in red and if I hit pause and then play, you could clearly see the red line jump to where it should be and then it would ultimately bounce back.  So I thought, oh well, another bug, it's just not show the recorded length properly.  Nope.  Once I got past the smaller red mark, the playback stopped and I was thrown back to the Save list.  There was no way to watch the rest of the game.  Thanks Shaw.  I have attached a video of this bug in action I shot on my phone.


4. Not sure if something was updated tonight, but every time I had set a previous recording in the guide using the record button, up would pop the Just This Episode or Series Options, plus there would be the start and end options, which would allow me to easily add time to a hockey game.  Now, when I select record and Just This Episode, I just get your recording is set pop up.  No options are available to change end and start time now from that screen that was there earlier today???


5. Remote stopped responding entirely.  Battery level is still at 80%.  The green light on the remote was solid green and I could not do anything.  Removed a battery and then reloaded it, and the remote started working again.


6. Save sort options resetting all the time.  I have to consistently reset the sort options to A-Z instead of Newer First as it always likes to revert back to Newer all by itself.


7. Got a couple of Your DVR service is not available right now messages today.  Never seen those before.  Tried what I was doing again and it worked.


8. My wife was watching a show and after about 5 minutes there was a pop up on the screen saying are you still watching this show?  What is that all about?  Never saw that before today, but that's annoying.  Yes we're watching it.


9. Autopad has been turned on since we got BlueSky installed.  It had been working just fine.  Today for some reason it only seems to be doing it for some of the recorded content.  I checked the option, it's still on.  Why would it only work for some of the recordings and not others?


This is all less than a week of usage.  I've had to power recycle the box numerous times. I don't understand how these bugs are still here?  Does Comcast ever address bugs?  These are some major issues.  I'm sure there is a few more, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.  How are we still beta testing this almost 2 year old software?


Now for usability, there was some things that are quite annoying:


1. I read on the Comcast forum that they had a feature in Labs that allowed the user to do away with that big black bottom and top on the screen when jumping through programming.  I mean, I know I just pressed the skip ahead button, I don't need that big icon on the screen and blackout on the top and the bottom of the screen for 5 to 6 seconds each time.


2. Live TV ALWAYS there.  On the Gateway, we could start a recording and stop it and the Shaw screen saver would come on and no live TV.  In fact, we hardly ever watched live TV so it was never on much because it was all PVR use.  Having the thing go back to live TV all the time is annoying.  I don't need live TV playing in the background when I am deleting what I just watched and moving on to the next recording.  This is why I wanted the Frame channel as there is no audio so it would at least be a workaround for this annoying functionality.


3. Can't have a same named series recording.  We did this with the Gateway no problem.  With BlueSky, not an option.  We like The Big Bang Theory.  We record new episodes on CBS and had a series recording setup for repeats on Comedy.  You can't do this with BlueSky.  Very annoying.


I'm sure there's more, but that's what I've got right now.  How updated is this system?  When Comcast issues bug updates, does Shaw get them at the same time?  Is there a place that list known bugs and timelines or anything for fixing them?