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Connection Seems Unstable

Question asked by mlmclaren on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2017 by mlmclaren

I've been trying to diagnose some issues with our 150mb cable connection via the Cisco DPC3848V and despite knowing about the Puma 6 issues I don't think all issues relate to it.


ive recently come over from the UK where I was using a cable operator that also provided their service via a Puma 6 based modem...


despite having latency based issues I never found issues with bandwidth consistency having any affects on streaming... but currently I've noticed our Shaw connection struggling to stream live streams from NHL and other live TV services...


ive been testing the connection with DSLreports test services and have also setup a few line monitoring services.


Minimum latency seems to change throughout the day which I find surprising is it's normally just the average that increase on segments that are busy or congested, however during the times it's raised speeds remain solid at 170/16mbps...


im wondering if there may be some issues relating too Docsis Stats from the incoming drop cable or network, also wondering why there is two cables coming from the pole for cable services and not just one...


My apologies if that's a bit of a stupid question, I'm only used to one drop cable coming to the residence in the UK so learning.


Also whilst here, heard some whispers of new modems coming soon and potentially docsis 3.1 capability anyway this can be confirmed and any time lines.


have a good day