Is there something wrong with my 500gb Motorola HDPVR?

Discussion created by mahram on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by shaw-harvey

Hi, we have a 500gb HD PVR, Motorola DCX 3400m we received from Shaw a long time ago and we've noticed this past month that something seems wrong..we thought it was the wiring but i don't believe that's the issue anymore as we've tried re-arranging it and power cycling the pvr.


Every now and then, the tv would freeze for a moment, maybe less than 20 seconds and unfreeze and everything is fine again. It happens when we are watching live TV and when we watch recorded playback shows and movies on the PVR.


When we watch a playback from an old recording, the freezing issue occurs as well when it did not freeze before. However if we rewind to the part where it froze, it does not freeze again and it is fine..


Is the PVR overheating? we're not sure what else is the issue...