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Hitron modem/PS4 location/streaming problems

Question asked by mitrakaren on May 29, 2017
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Great support on this question; thanks! In regard to this, we had a Shaw tech guy come out to our house about a year ago when we switched from Telus. Our home was wired with Cat5e to each room (standard at time of build), and we had been using Ethernet connections for TVs and gaming, and wireless for laptops and smartphones with Telus. Shaw offered a better deal so off we go.


My grandson does video gaming on the top floor. Shaw guy said (unlike Telus where modem was in bsmt in communications panel), that modem has to go where grandson is so grandson has direct access to modem and therefore top internet speeds.


Shaw guy pulled out all the individual short Ethernet cable feeds that went from Telus modem to communications panel setup in the basement; installed Shaw Hitron modem on top floor, and set all our equipment to wireless, except video gaming. This did not work well as wireless signal was too weak with modem setup on top floor: dead spots, three story, etc. We have almost no signal in the bsmt which is why I'm searching again today, and found the thread above.


I did pressure Shaw guy during install for other options. He said that wireless was the standard for Shaw; this setup was best for gaming (maybe not, based on thread above?); and he said Shaw was unable to use Telus setup on the panel. We have managed unhappily since, and called in several times for help with really no improvement. Have tried changing channels, etc. but no.


We also have to do modem resets several times a week because internet speeds drop too low for broadband streaming, even when just one TV on and no gaming is happening. Called in once I think, but it didn’t seem to raise any interest. Checked Hitron settings but there is not an autorestart setting.


Equipment: We have two laptops, two smart TVs used mainly for surfing the net and streaming Netflix (no cable TV), two smartphones, a wireless printer with static IP started occasionally; and the PS4/XBox for perhaps 2 hours a day (and a lot more on weekends). Internet speed is 150. No VPN, although I want one for security, but I’m afraid it would make things worse.


When everything is right, meaning the modem is working well, mid week-day, I have a strong wireless signal, and no gaming, I can get speeds on my wireless laptop of 175 on Ookla. But on a daily basis, what we have is really unacceptable, and has been for the entire Shaw experience. I’ve calculated costs of breaking the contract and it’s feasible.


So, wondering what direction to go.


From searching the forums we could leave the modem where it is and get an IP Passthrough/second IP address, and a good wireless router; or, from your advice to the other writer we could move the modem to the bsmt and use a switch (and replace all those short-feed ethernet cables!)




1. Does it really make a difference in video gaming if the gaming system is directly hooked up to the modem as the Shaw guy said?


2. Is it possible to use IP Passthrough and leave the gaming system hooked up to the Shaw modem on the top floor, AND add a wi-fi router? (From searching the forums this appears possible.)


3. Any recommendations for our situation between the two above options?


4. Can you please provide comments or suggestions on the Shaw modem needing to be reset several times a week; ie whether this is normal or needs some attention?


5. Any other comments?


Thank you, and sorry for the long setup/questions.