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Internet frequently goes down. Cause unknown.

Question asked by jbtaylor1 on Jun 5, 2017
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Hello all.


I'm asking my question here because I'm at the end of my tether. I have had the following issues for a year and a half. I have spent days on the phone with customer service, I have seen so many techs, and nobody is able to fix my problem. I'm pretty irate at this point, but I will try and keep this succinct in the hope of getting any advice possible!


My issue began when I started using Shaw in December 2015 when we moved in to our home. The internet would occasionally go down in the evenings. The connection to the router was fine, and the router appeared to be connected to the internet. I had no knowledge of whether it was working during the day. At this time, it was annoying, but not a huge deal. Often a restart of the router might fix the problem. Sometimes not. Sometimes my cable service would also be static-y on certain channels. But when it worked, it was fine, and the speed was as advertised. Just pretty annoying.


In spring/summer 2016 we started to use our service a lot more. Not for anything huge, but we had more devices. My husband started working from home more, I started working in the evenings more, and a friend moved in with us who works from home. At this time we really started to notice the problems with our internet connection. Sometimes, both during the day and during the evenings, the internet would go down or be unbearably slow. Sometimes a restart would fix the problem. We were still using well under our maximum data, and very rarely needed to make use of the full speed of our service. It appeared (anecdotally) that it was worse now that we were syncing our devices more - a frequent occurrence now with all the file sharing, g-suite and uploading files. Trying to load a webpage would timeout, and sometimes after a few refreshes it would load.


Since that time, we have had numerous new routers, we have been visited by dozens of techs, I have wasted days of my life on the phone, and we have been conned into upgrading our service to fix the problem. All to no avail. Everyone at shaw has been very amicable, but nobody is helping us. All they want to do is charge us more for increasingly better services they say will fix the problem, which never do (conveniently extending our contract).


What we know:

The techs have said on numerous occasions that the issue is not with our equipment, or with the connection to our house. They have tested the lines, they have replaced all of the connections, they have replaced equipment and cannot find any problems. They feel there is no point in techs coming out as it's not an equipment problem as far as they're concerned.

When I call Shaw they say that they can't do anything else and the next step is to send a tech. So I'm trapped in an infinite loop!


Technical Info:

We have the Shaw advanced wifi modem with internet 150.

We typically use around 200 GB down/60 GB up in a month (under our 1tb limit).


All our devices experience the same issue, running osx, linux, windows and android. One computer is hardwired and experiences the same issue.

We have moved the router to a different connection in the house, and directly to the junction box. Same issue.

Often, our pings to google are terrible. We frequently have times where the pings are 500 ms or more.

We never have a problem with our speed when running a variety of speedtests (once the site loads).

If we run a traceroute when we are having issues, it gets stuck somewhere at shaw's servers after about 6 hops.


I probably have forgotten something - I'm not very tech savvy. Although my knowledge has vastly increased these last few months!


Thanks in advance for your help,