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Why aren't some Gateway Actions not very responsive?

Question asked by instagood on Feb 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2013 by mark_vse

I'm not sure if this is just something on my gateway or if it's on all gateways but I notice that some actions are not very responsive. By that I mean that there is a slight delay before the action actually takes place... Things such as rewinding then pressing play- it does not do it instantly, it lags, same with fast forward. In the PVR menu if a show has multiple recordings and I press right to go to the list of the shows there is a brief pause before it actually displays the list..... and various other actions always have a brief freeze when I would expect things to be instant on the gateway. My previous Motorola box which had the old guide did every action immediately, no delays at all.


Also when I am browsing the guide and click "info" for a TV show, why can't I go back to the guide by pressing "back" instead of having to select "close"?