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A year of flickering HD pictures

Question asked by pschram on Feb 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

We have had four different techinicians to our house in a year trying to get the HD chanels to stop flickering.  Shaw finally agreed to replace the PVR, but when the technician came to replace it, he found problems with the signal strength out at the street box, then in the house.  He said he was able to get the signal stregnth up and felt he had the poblem fixed.  So, he did not replace the PVR.  The problem went away, and the TV worked without the flicker for a few months.  However, the PVR would not record aything without the flickering and stalling problem.   Before he left, the technician said he would personally come out if we had more problems, and gave us his phone number.  I've tried to call him since this started up again, but, he won't respond (not that I blame him, who wants to be somone's personal repair guy)  I finally called Shaw today, and they reponded by wanting to reset our digital PVR box for the 40th or so time.  (Every time we do this, it gets rid of hte problem for a week or so, but we have to re-program all of our chanels into it one at a time)  I suggested that they simply replace the PVR as they promised to do months ago, but was instead shuffled off to her supervisor.  The supervisor had no interest in what has gone on during the past year, and he agreed that Telus or Bell might be a better option for a television service provider.  As such, he  arranged to have our service cut off, and the PVR picked up this coming Tuesday...  He did not seem to care that we would also look into moving our internet & telephone service.  I do have to say that Shaw's service has been great the past three years, but today was sure an off day for two of them.   Thank goodness for Netflix!