DCX3510 spontaneously deletes ALL my saved recorded programs. Again.

Discussion created by bcb on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by shaw-shaun

been away from this forum for a while... got tired of keeping up with discussions of the latest weirdness with the DCX3510, although I must say that mine for the past while has been behaving for the most part, aside from the odd recurring quirk or two that still occur


so I turn on my DCX3510 today to watch something I've recorded and just imagine my surprise when I get this alarming screen:


last night there were MANY HOURS of saved recordings here


WHAT THE ...???


I power cycled both the 3510 and the external hard drive and prayed things would be restored back to normal, but no luck (why would there be with this thing?) Many hours of recordings and favourite shows gone. vanished. poof. My PVR once again fails to do the most important thing it's supposedly designed to do - record and save shows to watch later.


And this is NOT the first time something like this has happened.  Three months ago something similar happened, only the 3510 randomly deleted MOST but not all my recorded content, eg, a random selection of one-of shows and movies, plus most but not all episodes of several series which I'd saved this season's episodes to watch later.  I don't know which is more frustrating - to lose half a season's worth of episodes so that the season doesn't make sense when going back to watch, or to simply not have anything at all to watch?


When it happened that first time, the shows it deleted were tagged to Keep until I Delete. At the time, my hard drive was getting full (I'd guess over 85% full?), and I was away a couple weeks on vacation. But strangely shows I had tagged to Delete when Space Needed were NOT deleted when the problem first occured whereas many Keep until I Delete shows were erased. At the time, I assumed there was some bug with the disk being nearly full and incorrectly deleting shows marked Keep Until I Delete(?)


This time, as of yesterday my hard drive was almost empty (<<10% full, thanks to the previous spontaneous deletion of shows). So the problem shouldn't caused by the 3510 trying to make space, even though I routinely have a couple shows scheduled to record each day - on most days also watch and then delete some content.


to make things even stranger, I notice that now in my scheduled recordings list (luckily, those are all still set), almost all the shows I have programmed to record are now duplicated in the list to record twice at the same time. There are a few random exceptions in the list, but almost every show appears twice - shadows of the old "duplicate recordings" bug which I've complained about here in the past.


duplicate recording settings suddenly appeared, after all recorded content mysteriously disappeared


Shaw support - I assume there's no magic incantation that you can do from your side that can restore my recorded content - obviously the recorded files still actually exist on my hard drive, but the 3510 has somehow lost its mind and pointers to the files. As I mentioned, I've already tried power cycling both the PVR and the external hard drive to no effect.


Last time most of my recordings were spontaneously deleted, I was just about ready to trash the whole system (yes, I then seriously started researching Telus' latest hardware,  I already use their internet & phone). Now with zero saved content on my PVR and zero confidence it won't do this again, I'm having a very tough time thinking of any reason not to finally switch...