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Problems with internet connection between 10pm and 5am

Question asked by bd_68 on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by bd_68

Recently my Twitch streams have been fraught with frame drops, freezes, and disconnects - people have commented that it's like watching a slideshow most of the time. I tried lowering the bitrate, changing servers, enabling the new network settings, etc, but nothing seems to help it at all. I even tried Xsplit to see if it was an OBS issue, but it has just as many dropped frames and disconnects as OBS does. I've also tried streaming to YouTube, but found it constantly drops connection as well, and even trying to use my laptop comes up with the same results. 

I used Twitch Inspector to monitor my stream, and have been running my stream for the last week in bandwidth test mode. Everything is smooth and works perfectly fine until around 10pm, then the drops and disconnects start. These will run until 5am until the connection instantly clears up and everything runs smooth again. This has happened for the past 7 days now, like clockwork. What could possibly be going on that would cause my connection to go haywire from 10pm to 5am every single day?