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PVR frequently rebooting

Question asked by lonners on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by shaw-tony

Starting last Thursday, my HDPVR 630 is rebooting every 30 seconds or so.


I've tried a few suggested fixes that I've found online

- Unplugging for various lengths of time and plugging back in

- Plugging into different outlet

- Deleting some recordings (I think I left the PVR at somewhere around 58% full))

But none have helped.


I saw to check Options - 4 - 7 and see if the ecb/no on line C is below 7 and it was - when I was checking it had generally been at 5.8 or thereabouts and highest I saw it get to is 6.


Now it won't even respond to the remote although it seems the channel has changed at least a couple times while I haven't been paying attention and I can't imagine why.


Any suggestions?