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Why such a long wait for service calls?

Question asked by invalidcharacters on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by shaw-don

My phone and internet keep going online and offline.   I'm not really interested in going to my basement and unplugging boxes and cables and batteries and resetting etc. just to use a phone or internet; especially when they'll just go offline again.  Seems pointless as your tech. support people on the phone say the signal is very low here.

Couple questions:

1.  Why is there almost a 2 week wait for a service call?  Do we not pay enough for these services that you cannot afford a couple of more technicians to lower the wait time?

2.  Who do I talk to about not paying a bill this month?   You're not providing services, and you are also adding extra costs to a cell plan as I'm using a lot more data, long distance etc. 

3. Your technical support people keep suggesting problem is splitters in my basement.  Can I pick these up locally and swap out myself.   I  still have over a week of waiting time for my service call; seems like I have more time to do this than  you.

4. Are there certain areas of the city (Saskatoon) that you'd honestly rather not service and I'd just be better with SaskTel..  just wondering as most of the neighbors have SaskTel.


Thank you