Time for me to kick traditional cable TV to the curb

Discussion created by stosser on Jun 16, 2017

It's time. I've been done for a long time but have never been able to bring myself to cut the cord. I've been on a new home promo for a year (ends in two weeks) and I've been contemplating what to do. Do I keep my existing plan, move to BlueSky, or back down to Limited.


It's funny, but the recent revelation of the BlueSky platform helped spur my decision. No matter what Shaw does, there is always some form of 'gotcha' that makes an appearance that makes you understand that you're not getting full value. What Shaw sees as value will always differ from what a customer wants. That's where I'm at. Yearly cost increases that far exceed inflation has now reached a point of no return for me.


I (as one consumer) have little effect on what I would like to see in traditional broadcasting. I've mentioned the floating ads (ad-bugs) and the seeming lack of desire of Shaw to fight for us. Shaw should be going back to broadcasters and telling them how their actions are affecting customers and their bottom line. It's always up to us. So I'm doing the only thing I can think off that will get Shaw's attention and that is joining the growing number of cord cutters. I'm not switching to Telus or another competitor and paying less. I will cease paying. Period. 


I will give Shaw credit for adding unlimited Internet options and at least trying with Bluesky. You've made some improvements, but I believe you have a long way to go.