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How to fix WWE Network sign in on Chrome (MAC)

Question asked by kjsingh97 on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by shaw-tamara

Ive been having constant troubles with signing in to WWE Network to watch On Demand content at the website on my MAC in the Chrome browser.


When I login to my wwe account it doesnt let me go further, after a couple of more tries it lets me into the "choose your TV provider page and when i click Shaw it shows an error again.


Funny enough its working on my Safari and Firefox browser on my MAC and works on all my browsers on my PC, but Chrome is the browser i use the most on my MAC and I would love for the login to work on Chrome.


Ive tried clearing my browser history and clearing cache, clearing cookies, pretty much clearing all of the browser settings and It only seems to work once, but when i come back after an hour or after a day it again starts to show me an error.