Shaw Sending Bucket Truck? Signal is still -13

Discussion created by djcanadianjeff on Jun 7, 2017
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A shaw tech came to our house on Monday June 5th 2017 and checked the coax line to my modem and saw signal of -18 db which was waaaay out of acceptable range he then told me to crawl under the house and remove a splitter and just connect it straight into the modem which brought the signal to about -15 db so that was a small change, we then agreed that the coax line under our house was rotting, broken and old so the shaw tech went outside to check the drop from the street to the house and saw it had poor signal and "OFFERED" to get a bucket truck out to replace that line because he could not setup his ladder due to uneven ground next to the pole.

because he was here now I suggested putting in new line from the shaw box outside bypassing the cable under our house so he did he drilled a hole and put some brand new coax which now gives a signal of -13 db which is still not acceptable but is an improvement from the -18 db it was before he showed up

what confused me is on the techs phone he showed me it was -6 db and green but when I phoned shaw they told me it was at -13 db

so I need to know if shaw will be sending a bucket truck out here to work on the cable drop from the street to our house and when they will be doing it so we can be home when they do