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HD Guide: delete multiple episodes at once

Question asked by budsgirl on Jul 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by shaw-tony

 I have a 3510 PVR.    Since the last update major update that changed the HD guide I noticed that I can no longer delete multiple episodes of the same series at one time.    The option of "delete recording"  still has an arrow pointing to the right as if it will It will open the former choices of deleting all episodes of the series, just this season's episodes or just this single episode but those choices no longer show up.   We are back to only being able to delete one episode at a time.   Having the option of deleting multiple episodes at a time was very useful rather than having to go through the onerous exercise of deleting each episode one at a time especially when you are deleting an entire season.  It was one of the few useful options that the 3510 offered.  Why is it gone now?