Recording Screen Bugs

Discussion created by jimwebb on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by altrev

There are still a couple of pretty prevalent bugs when you are on the recording screen in BlueSky TV:


Sort Order - This constantly goes back to Most Recent instead of A-Z.  Regardless of  how many times you choose it.  Can we get a Sort Order default option or have the system remember what we chose last and keep it on that?


Screen updates - When new recordings start, the recordings screen is not updated if you are in the screen or even if you recently had the screen open and simply go back to it after deleting a show you just watched or if you were watching live TV and you go back into it.  The screen needs to be updated when a new recording is started.  This should be a simple code change.


These two bugs are easily reproducible and it would be great to have them fixed.