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Not sure which - Bridge OR IP Passthrough?

Question asked by rebornsky on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by kevinds

Hello all,

I need to set up a LAN connection to a new computer in the basement, but I just realized I cannot plug in my old Motorola modem to serve as my internet access point. I read on the forums you need another account to achieve that, so I need an alternative. 


I've read alot about the bridge technique and IP passthrough, so maybe a Shaw rep can suggest which is the easiest to do. A few questions I have about Bridge mode and IP passthrough:


1) Can I set up either wirelessly? Meaning I do not need to have an ethernet cable connected between the Hitron modem and Linksys Router. The Hitron modem is upstairs and I need to set this up in the basement, so Ethernet cable isn't much of an option unfortunately.


2) If #1 is possible, can I get internet access wirelessly through the Linksys router and then hook up LAN cables to the desktop? Kinda like this -- Hitron Modem --> Wireless feed to --> Linksys router --> Ethernet cable to --> Desktop Comp


If none of this is possible, do you have any suggestions on how to set this up? Powerlink connection? 


Thank you.