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Closed Captions not working

Question asked by gcamargo on Jul 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by oscarho

Hello guys. Anyone has an idea of when Shaw will fix the problems with those channels showing gibberish? We need the CC at home and so far no one has addressed this issue. 




Quality of closed captioning

CRTC standards also regulate the accuracy of closed captioning, which is the level of exactness between captions and the audio content of a program. For pre-recorded programming, accuracy includes correct spelling.

For pre-recorded programs, broadcasters must target a captioning accuracy rate of 100%. For live programming, French-language captioning must target an accuracy rate of 85%, and English-language captioning 95%, with the difference related to differences in the closed-captioning techniques used in each market.

CRTC policies also address:

  • Minimizing caption lag time for pre-recorded and live programming
  • Correcting errors before re-broadcasting a program
  • Providing adequate on-screen information
  • Controlling various aspects of formatting, including the use of hyphens and, for French-language programming, chevrons
  • Ensuring the captioning of emergency alerts

All that said, when will Shaw address the issue with CC in H2, TMN Encore 2, Discovery Tour, Action, FX, and maybe other channels I haven't checked because maybe I'm not an avid watcher of those? 


And just to let you know, these channels have the correct CC while using the the FreeRange App. 


Regretting everyday that passes by not having TELUS just because my building wasn't in the coverage area