Sporadic Internet Drops

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I've been dealing with Shaw support for over 6 months and been experiencing these issues for about a year now. I've used Shaw for over 10 years and never had the issues like this previously. I'm working from home more frequently and these drops make it impossible to communicate in programs like Webex, Lync and video conference reliably. I'm hoping someone on here has gone through the same experience I am going through and was able to resolve their issue. I should also note that I am a network analyst. I can assure you that all basic user testing has been done. Without having any visibility into the issue I'm guessing this may be an issue related the next hop router past my Shaw modem. Maybe congestion and "Quality of Service" that is dropping packets. Although Shaw says this isn't an issue, they only test when things are working so I wouldn't rule out it being some sort of congestion issue. Although when I say congestion I mean on the router past my modem. I'm not doing any significant downloading/uploading during these internet drops.




- Most of the time the internet works fine and speed is fine. I'm on Internet 150.

- When the internet drops I'll notice my Lync or email go offline. Also can't reach any websites. I'll quickly get a continuous ping to or going and notice all packets are dropping. Within 20-30 seconds it recovers and everything goes back to normal.

- I also run a traceroute to these IPs. The first hop to the Shaw modem at is successful and all hops after that will fail. When the service restores the traceroute is successful as well.  

- Below is a traceroute when things are working correctly. I'm guessing is the next router that my Shaw modem speaks to. It's between my Shaw modem and that seems to be an issue when I experience these drops.

1 3 ms 7 ms 1 ms
2 13 ms 12 ms 31 ms

- Traceroute when issue is occuring

1 3 ms 7 ms 1 ms

timed out

timed out

- All lights on the Shaw modem are normal during the temporary outages.

- A reboot of the Shaw modem is 99% of the time NOT required for internet service to be restored.




- On average it happens about 4-6 times a day. Usually last about 30 seconds. Some days are worse and some days there will be no drops. I would say that they usually happen in bunches. If I have a drop at 9am I should expect 3 or 4 drops over the next hour or two. But there's no real consistency.




- Wired and Wireless experience the same issue. I'm always able to ping the Shaw modem successfully at during these drops.

- Replaced Hitron modem with another Hitron. Then replaced with a Cisco. No difference after replacing them.
- Used multiple computers

- Multiple factory resets of modems

- Re-wired coax cable in-house to outside panel eliminate internal wiring fault.

- Have had Shaw technicians come to the house multiple times to check signal levels and everything tests fine. (Of course I'm not experiencing a drop when they are here testing)

- Sent Shaw technicians screenshots and tracerts, ping tests in multiple tickets (they seem to lose them). My case has been escalated to a next level technician and waiting to hear back but not optimistic. I'm pretty sure it has already been (or should have been) escalated in the past with no resolution.

- Tried putting modem into bridge mode and used a third party router. No improvement.


There you have it. I may have missed a couple things in there but it should have enough information to help you understand what's going on. Please help if you can.