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System hook-up

Question asked by rioesmarex on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by kevinds

My "older " system has a 4 outlet feed horn at the dish. Co-ax cables run from two of the connections down to the receiver box./ However, the receiver has only 1 inlet for a co-ax cable marked with the little dish symbol. So how do I hook two co-ax cables to 1 input ?     Do I buy a splitter for 2 in and 1 out .... connect 2 co-ax cables to the 2 inputs on the splitter and then a short jumper lead from the out connection on the splitter to the in connection on the receiver, OR do I connect 1 co-ax lead to the dish input on the receiver and the 2nd co-ax goes somewhere else ... like to the connection marked t.v. antenna in ?

Thanks for a quick answer