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Another rate increase... we have already cancelled our cable.   Time for Telus to make a visit.

Question asked by thebuz on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by shaw-tony

So open my bill that now shows a rate increase of .65 to our internet package and introducing another monthly increase of $4.   I have been a Shaw customer now for almost 25 years and I used to be an avid fan and would recommend them to everyone.  I now realize that both Telus and Shaw only care about buying new business on the backs of loyal customers so I have made an appointment today to talk to a Telus rep to discuss my options.   I have seen our internet bill double in size from when I first used Shaw and with all the incremental increases it has not improved our services or provided any new benefits.   I'm tired and no longer loyal.   I guess I will join the droves of people who just bounce back and forth to get the better deal.  Poor business plan.   Netflix came out with a superior service to the lazy programming of our cable providers at a price that highlighted the greed of these companies.   They are producing top quality programming and now I'm being gouged for internet service to compensate Shaw for the loss of cable customers flocking to a better and affordable product.   


I feel like I'm leaving a relationship that should have ended years ago.