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How to Block Spam Calls Using "V" Dialer?

Question asked by confusedbuthappy on Jul 7, 2017
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Shaw Home Phone customer here. Today, I missed two calls and answered one from a number that my caller ID shows as V707 followed by many more numbers. Some idiot with a foreign accent is trying to convince me that I have a virus on my computer. Thanks to a post on, I now know that the 707 part in the caller ID is for July 7, and I believe that the next 4 digits (hrs-min) or 6 digits (hrs-min-secs) are a time code three hours ahead of me so that would be in the eastern time zone, but the rest of the numbers are meaningless to me. Both calls in my caller ID end in 00001000-017-4785 after the V and date and time codes. So a full ID for one of the calls I received today is V70720412300001000-017-4785


Unfortunately, Shaw's call blocking services will not let me enter a V prefix (numbers only). Sigh. What to do?