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Updated Plan Personalizer

Question asked by bostonbob on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2017 by bostonbob

Not sure where to ask this so I'll try here. I'm not sure about other cities that are under the SHAW umbrella but here in Vancouver our Plan Personalizer PDF is badly in need of an update. The PDF is dated November 17th - 2016 and there have been some changes to all of the TV packages since then. 



An update is needed even more today after all of the new HD channels that were just added. Even the CSR's are not completely sure which packages / theme packs these new channels will end up in. So far I've gotten 2 different versions of exactly which of these new channels will be added to my Personal TV and Best of HD packages so it would be great to have an updated list to check for myself.