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Game of Thrones 10pm for Shaw customers...8pm on MTS

Question asked by djjamesfalk on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by shaw-shaun

Curious as to why your competitor offers this show to Manitoba residents at 8pm CST whereas the HBO broadcast on Shaw begins at 10pm.


This has been the case now for 7 years & 7 seasons.


I can't be the first to have asked this question.


Don't Shaw customers deserve the best service possible?


I'd suggest this issue does little to prevent illegal downloading from Shaw customers wanting to watch the show in a timely manner.


It's the most popular show in the history of TV. Shaw knows this. As of the writing of this correspondence the Shaw home page has the entire screen providing HBO / Game Of Thrones advertising at present.


Let's be serious about providing your customers the best service possible.