Yahoo email users using Shaw Wi-Fi affected with site redirection Malware ads please help

Discussion created by perfectcritic on Jul 10, 2017
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I have Shaw internet account. Since April 2017 I am experiencing that whenever I log in to Yahoo email on Chrome desktop browser and if I open another tab and shift my focus for about 3 to 5 minutes on this new tab, the yahoo email tab is silently redirected to a fake Shaw survey website and from there it redirects the user to download some apps on their machine (see attach screenshots). If you are a Shaw support person please check a ticket was logged on June-12 and July-8 about this which ends in nowhere. 

The strange thing is it doesn't install any malware or virus. I scanned through it completely with latest antivirus :

  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Hitman Pro
  • MalwareByte Antimalware

and none of anti malware or anti virus apps detects it. After I am redirected to this malicious website and then I execute the adcleaner app then it catches 2 issues (but remember only after I am being redirected to this site). I can provide more indepth if someone wants to look into it. 


However if I take the system and hook onto another internet provider via Wifi and follow the above steps it doesn't do site redirection. 


If you see my 40 minutes voice chat and one web chat on June-12 with support guy I am suspecting that the Wifi- routers and or Shaw Gateway is compromised. Can you please escalate this as a very severe issue. I work in tech and never saw something like this before. 


It is getting very frustrated for me and other users going through this. See this crazy unresolved issue on big anti malware discussion boards: 

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I need solution as it affects my home internet and I am thinking to pull my cord from Shaw if this remains unresolved.