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BlueSky Feature Add?   Smartphone app, live buffering, Netflix

Question asked by rastler on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by rickatk

Can you please let me know if these features are in the pipeline?    I'm actually thinking about going back to Gateway (or another provider) if these aren't.    So if they aren't, can you request them for me?    If they are, can you let me know?


Smartphone app - I am on the road a lot and usually home late from work, so I used to record stuff on the fly or search for stuff to PVR when I'm on the road in a hotel.    Not having the ability to do this is super frustrating.    Them adopting this technology with no smartphone app is a step backwards.   Your customers need and want this!


Live buffering - when we are watching two shows at once, it's nice to be able to hit 'last' and have the ability to rewind.   I do this all the time watching sports and movies.    You could do it on Gateway, but can't do it on BlueSky.    This is huge - can you please add this in a future update (soon)?


Netflix - my installer told me that the Netflix app will be added in a future update when he installed it for me two months ago.   Do you know when this is happening?


Thanks for your time!   If those above aren't in the pipeline, can someone from Shaw recommend them as feature adds?