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Hello everyone,


So for the past week when i stream to, i seem to be having dropped frames (20%+) when i'm using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). What this means is my stream stutters at random times but also sometimes just freezes. Speedtest results are attached. The bitrate i stream at is 2000 but still the problem persists. I stream at 720p. Another thing to note is that my bitrate (or upload speed?) drops dramatically to 150 causing the frame drops, sometimes for a split second which isn't too bad when sometimes for about 15 secs? Not sure if buffefloat is also a factor in this as when using a different testing website (see attachments), my bufferfloat goes off the charts in the red during the test. I tried using Xsplit which has a feature showing me the stats of the servers (see attachment) showing me a very high amount of jitter on each server. This was a problem for a while but i never show anything major concerns in my stream having that high jitter. 


Speedtest: by Ookla - My Results 


The many things iv'e tried:

Restarting my router

Reinstalling OBS

I had already used this article but no change

Dropped Frames and General Connection Issues · jp9000/obs-studio Wiki · GitHub 


I have tried to see if someone was streaming on Netflix (from two devices) would be the cause. The result doesn't show any change and in fact i did not suffer any dropped frames during that time. This problem occurs at very random times