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Intermitent speeds with upload in Sault Ste Marie

Question asked by scottsnider on Aug 1, 2017
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I upgraded to wide open 150 about 5 months ago, when it became available here. At first the service was spotty during inclement weather.  But since than, its degraded to the point, I can not use my internet as a function period. the internet drops out, the upload chokes if i even upload at 1 mbps.      There has been rf issues on my line, which have been fixed, than fixed again, and also. fixed again. 

The issue now exists when there isn't noise issues on the line. period. Anytime i try to fileshare, direct upload a file (IN REALTIME, i may add) stream to any service, twitch, youtube ect. upload to any service. I have multiple high end machines as I do game development. 


I haven't been able to work for the last 2.5 weeks. All i get suggested is to go to business. For what? I've had 5 tech visits. the last three didn't even bother doing any in depth, just replace a few things and say, hey your speed tests look ok.  I understand the issue is intermittent, but the techs should be pushing for network resolution. the problem IS NOT on my end. 

The drops been replaced, the modem, the tap. everything. but yet. i can't upload a file or stream, or have a voice or video conference. 

This is now damaging my career as I can't have meetings with staff, I can't upload a file (when it cuts off, the file corrupts) I can't promote my product.   I have no other option. there is no other service where I live, I'm literally stuck with this horrible service shaw calls internet, and paying them to destroy my business. 

I'd sign up for business in a heartbeat, if they at least had one competent tech, that doesn't spend 10 minutes at my house giving me the lines about how the speed test looks ok.  Only once, has a senior tech called out for field repair. they should be stripping and testing the entire block, not just swinging by for the call and getting paid.   on a 5th call, the visit should have been longer than 10 minutes. on the 4th, the guy just wanted to get out of there. on the 3rd, the guy showed up and said  he'd have his supervisor look at it. 


This NEEDS to be resolved. I have a Medica reach of over 1.5 million people, they are wondering where I am. I professionally don't want to call you out. but I may soon. 


paying 100 dollars a month for internet that cuts in and out and inconsistent speeds. My internet 60 was 5x more stable than this.