high bufferfloat? H1Z1 Kotk high ping 80+

Discussion created by greatbeef97 on Jul 17, 2017
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Hey guys


So ive been having this problem for a long time, not sure if there's anything i can do from my side or in general their servers are not the best. Everytime i play this game i always get 80+ ping causing shots not being registered, dropping in late. I have already checked my connection and send it to Shaw support and from what they said it seemed to be fine. I have a good computer i7-6700, gtx 960 and 8 gb ram. When i went through Daybreak support they said: "According to the test results provided, your BufferBloat result indicates high congestion of your ISP's local network. We recommend for you to contact your ISP in attempt to resolve your network issues."


I also played other games such as CS:GO, Dirty Bomb and Overwatch giving me an average ping of 50+


Things if tried: 


Turning off Windows Firewall

Power cycling and resetting my router

DNS flush

Reset Internet options

Open some ports