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cable move nightmare

Question asked by tallguy11 on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by shaw-lance

So I called in 3 weeks ago to have my internet service Moved to my new house in Lamont Alberta from my old house in Edmonton Alberta.. I told them that i move in on the 15th of July. the customer service rep i talked to said there is an open date for a tech to come and hook it up on the 20th of July.. i agreed to it and confirmed the address with the rep multiple times!! come the 19th i missed a call from Shaw.. they did not leave a message so i called them back and spoke to a lady that was confirming my appointment. she then says you are moving to Vermilion Alberta correct... i say no LAMONT ALBERTA!! she they says oh sorry ill fix it and make sure a tech is out tomorrow (July 20) between 10 and noon.. so today (July 20th) comes around and by noon still no one shows up or calls so i call Shaw. They then say we can hook you up till the 24th..i ended up getting a credit for the week without internet and an additional credit of $10 a month for a year for the inconvenience but still this shouldn't have happened in the first place.. just hoping that a high up at Shaw sees this and they coach their call center reps to make sure all info is correct before submitting the order!!