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Gulf Islands BC Cable boxes

Question asked by djewanchuk on Jul 27, 2017
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I live on Mayne Island, BC.


We have somewhat limited shaw service here. I know we cannot use the very latest cable boxes.


I have been using a pair of DCT6412 III boxes for 6+ years, and all has been OK.


In February, Shaw made some changes to service to Mayne such that people who did not have boxes at all had to get them. My DCT6412 III boxes kept working.  About 3-4 weeks ago HBO in HD stopped working for video on the DCT's and today, TSN HD stopped working for video as well.


Some analysis (and not hearing yelling from others on the island) indicate to me that there is a newer (but not the very newest) box that I need to get to keep getting HBO HD and TSN HD (and perhaps other HD stations in the near future).


What box do I need to get for HD and PVR functions for the latest service offering from Shaw for Mayne Island?




Dave Ewanchuk