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Better Billing a Must!

Question asked by internaut on Feb 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

I spent hours trying to compare my bills to my online account/package. I'm told by a tech not to go by my online bill.


I would love to see a simplified bill that lists the services I pay for, not a hodgepodge list of 'packages' that don't explain squat. For example, I see "Billing - Additional Outlets $5.00" but I don't have additional outlets, only one. A tech told me it was for having an additional IP, other than the one I use. My contract with Shaw allows me to have two IPs for one fee. No notice was sent that I would be paying for the second I am allowed. I only use the one, but I might use both.


The TV channels keep changing so fast, and the rates go up so often, it's hard to track just exactly what is a "free trial" verses the channels we pay for.

When a channel we had for over a year turned in to a "Access Denied" I asked why. They said it was a free trial. For a Year????

I asked, just what channels am I paying for, less the so-called free trials? They emailed the list that, when I try those in light grey, which I was told is what we are subscribed to, 5 don't come in "Subscription" or "Access Denied".


Neither my paper bill, nor online, both which differ, explain what Internet package I have. Is it Baud speed, Speed, High Speed or what? When I ask about my problems with slow speeds, I'm told to check it at a Shaw link. The Internet is not housed on Shaw. I always use Dallas since that is where the servers are that I maintain. My speeds, in the last month, range from a low of 4.5 Mbps to a one time high of 28.8 It's usually well below Shaw's average. It wasn't a boost.


I truly hope that the feds finally stop the monopoly and let more providers in to compete.


Now I'm told, that I must keep and pay extra for the Digi box (not a PD) if I want to watch anything on TV. First Shaw lobbied to kill the airwaves, then when one does sign on, they are later told to rent the box or else lose it all.


Rates always, always go up. The channels Shaw selects to provide are choke full of junk. Real Housewives of (name any city), hillbilly hicksters roaming swamps, and an obese family with a BooBoo and more junk alike. It's bad enough that channels are now running "marathons" ( repeats of the same junk from all week) -  channels selected by Shaw.


Every so often, it seems Shaw moves some channels that are not repeating the same stuff looped every 6 hours, to the higher (box rental required) and replace the old location with reruns of Honey Bo Bo, Storage Wars Texas, Storage Wars New York, Storage Wars Louisiana... ad nauseum time 10.


It's time for competition and a law that ISP/cable providers must streamline their bills so people can see what they are paying for, and make it easier to change providers...   And if prayers are answered, death to all so-called Reality shows(?).


A customer for over 20 years who deserves an explanation from Shaw.