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Turn off broadcast SSID without losing security?

Question asked by tstone on Aug 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by shaw-brayden

I'm trying to turn off Broadcast SSID on my wireless networks (Cisco DPC3848V Wi-Fi Modem). On all previous equipment this has been an easy process:


1. Log in to router/modem.

2. Uncheck Broadcast SSID on the relevant radio frequency.

3. Save settings.


However, when I do this on our Cisco modem, we lose our wireless security (WPA/WPA2). If I look under security for the wireless networks, the router insists WPA/WPA2 is still enabled. If I click on Status, the router insists WPA/WPA2 is still enabled. But it isn't. Our wireless networks show up as unsecured on all wireless devices and you can (must) access them without a password.


I have reset the modem with a paperclip (this is actually the ONLY way I have found to get our wireless security to reappear), but then I am back to broadcasting our SSID to the block.


What's the secret to turning off Broadcast SSID and keeping wireless security enabled?