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Discussion created by gamerguy on Feb 18, 2013
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I've started this topic for all to use (if you like) to request features and/or improvements for the Gateway system. I'll try and keep the first post up to date with the stuff that gets requested and then hopefully done.

Let me start:

Request 1:

I find it a bit cumbersome to use 'info' to get to 'Series options' As it stands this is the procedure: *push* Info>Recording Options>Series Options/Get series>"option to change". The system should be smart enough to check the series list and simply show me the series option right off the hop. So it would be *push* Info>Series Options>"option to change"

Request 2:

Page Up/Down (Ch +/-) should page to the very bottom of a long the list of recordings. As it stands if I have a folder with more than 7 recordings (7 listings per page) lets say 11, I can page to the top of screen 2, but that is it. Another press should take me to the very last recording no matter how many are in the list.

Request 3:


I'd like to see a "Apply retrospectively" option in the series/recording options when changing the "Keep" option specifically. My default recording options are set to "Keep: Until space is needed". Sometimes I decide after the fact that I want to "Keep until I delete" with the current recordings. As it stands now, I then have to go back to anything recorded before and manually change all individually. A time consuming process when you have many recordings before you decide to change this option.

Request 4:


I'd also like to see the addition of a "deletion prevention" option. I have the entire 'Walking Dead" series to date on my PVR and I am working on 'Game of thrones'. I'd like to be able to prevent accidental (Yes, it happens unfortunately.) deletion of some series/recordings. Add a "do not delete: on/off" toggle. Make it so I can not delete a recording/series recording without turning off the "safety feature" in the options section. (Request 3 would apply here to.)



So those are my current requests. Please feel free to share yours here as well. Again, I'll try and keep everything organized and up to date as it's fixed/added. They have been adding most of what I have wanted to see so far, so it never hurts to ask.




Update Feb 18/13:

Request 5: (Thanks to kevinds for this one!)

Add an option to set a current series recording to use the default settings you set up. So say you want to change poorly set options you would just do the following: (Having set the 'recording defaults' to your new liking.)

Highlight series>'info'>"reset to default recording options"

Update 1 Feb 21/12:

ixxo wrote:



"I would like to see number 5.  I have had to manually change 40+ series recordings so that the new defaults applied to them.  It would be nice to be able to app the defaults to a series right from the menu.


1. I would like to see some more robust parental controls. One annoyance is that NR is set above Restricted and/or Adult.  When you have Adult or Restricted locked it also locks Not Rated.  In most cases (that I have seen) not rated usually equates to no rating information is present in the guide listing so it ends up being blocked.  It would be nice to either have Not Rated below Adult / Restricted or have it separate (i.e. not linked to the other rating options).

2.  Another parental control feature that would be nice is a time lock.  I can't count the number of times I have woken up in the morning only to find that my 5 year old has been vegging out in front of the TV since 5am.  It would be nice to be able to lock it until 7am.
3.  I find myself quite often watching 2 channels at the same time and swapping back and forth.  My current method is to just use the last key and switch back and forth.  Each time I switch I have to rewind and get to where I was.  Also there is a possibility of the tuner getting hijacked by someone else watching TV and then I've lost my buffer.  I realize that I can record both shows (therefore locking the tuners) but there is no easy way to switch back and forth between the shows (which is the ultimate purpose).  A nice option that would allow this to work would be to have the last button active while a recording is playing.  I imagine it looking like this:

      a)  I start recordings on 2 channels.
     b)  I play the first recording.  If I hit the last button here then nothing happen (that is the current functionality I believe).  Live would get me back to the current live channel.

     c)  If I start playing another recording while I'm watching a recording then the last button activates as a swap between them to the last played position.  Effectively the last button would stop the playback of the current recording and then start playback of the other recording where it was last stopped.

4.  I would like the ability to customize the skip, replay, back, next times.  Now that these trick modes work quickly it would be nice to have some customization of the time they move through the program.


I am looking forward to DLNA, remote scheduling, and other future features."


Update 2 Feb 21/12:


Possible upcoming additions: Reminders



"mark-vse wrote:


Reminders is on the roadmap in the future to be added to gateway.  Unfortunately its not available today.