Wifi horribly slow and inconsistent

Discussion created by hobbes on Sep 12, 2017
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We just moved within our city a couple weeks ago, not very far away from our old home. Obviously, we took our Shaw modem with us along with us and had Shaw come and hook up our cable in the new house.


The problem is, that since we made the move, our wifi experience has been terrible. We get Shaw 70 internet and when I do a speedtest with the modem hooked to a computer through ethernet, it works fine, 71-72mbs, rock steady (When there's no other internet activity). When we try to use it with wifi? Horrible. This is a two story house but not particularly big, and the speeds crater whenever we're even a few feet away. In another room, with my laptop or mobile device getting full bars on my wifi signal, my speed hovers between 4 and 15 mbs, occasionally hitting as high as 20 and as low as 1, yes, 1. We can have a computer plugged into the ethernet and hit 70, unplug it from ethernet but leave it physically touching the modem, and the speed drops like a brick.


The other problem is the internet now is extremely inconsistent. I can test the same device five times in ten minutes in the same room and get significantly different speeds, and when I do tests over wifi the speed is constantly jumping up and down as it's being tested, which is the complete opposite of when it's over ethernet with no activity. Trying to use the wifi now means when video isn't buffering, it's frequently upgrading and downgrading video quality. In addition, it feels like even through ethernet our internet takes a massive hit if we do even minor tasks. If someone were to download something at a rate of 2mb per second, the 70mb connection seems to drop by 20 mb or more. Sometimes if someone is doing the most minor thing, everything slows to a crawl, even on ethernet, and that's not how it used to be.


None of this happened in our old home, and we used the same modem, the same computers and mobile devices, and have them spaced out in the same distances. The only difference now is we live in a housing community, so there are more wifi signals in the neighbor, but surely this is hardly unusual. I don't know what to do or if switching internet providers is my only option, which I would hate to do as I've been a happy Shaw customer my entire life.