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Gateway Expander Error Message

Question asked by kenohrn on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by dwilson92

We have a Gateway with 2 portals and an expander.


Tonight we got an error message on both TV sets to the effect: "your expander was removed without first disconnecting it", (presumably by using the Gateway menu).  The message warned of data loss. 


The expander has not been touched.


We cancelled the message, and all seems normal. Recordings made in the past all seem to be available. 

Several recordings that were in progress have been split, with loss of 10-15 minutes of the recordings. Current recordings are proceeding normally. 


Diagnostics show the external drive health "passed" and no errors logged.  The internal drive shows health "passed" and "ATA error count: 3". 


Is this error message a warning sign of impending expander failure? Is there anything I should do?