Business internet service providers

Discussion created by hughjmorrow on Aug 21, 2017
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I am a computer science graduate from Toronto University. I just graduated this year. I and few of my friends are planning to start a company. We got a pretty good investment just with our idea. We used most of the investments for product development.

            Product development phase is over now, but we are going to need an uninterrupted internet connection to launch. We are planning to do a soft launch with testing. We have already rented a small office space (really small actually because we are only three in number). We are planning to subscribe to a business internet plan from any major company. What is your opinion on this?. We will need to stay online all the time.

Is there any business internet service provider in Canada with almost zero downtime?

If not, what are the other options?.

If yes, What type of plan should we subscribe to?.

           Even though we are only three in number, we will also be hosting a server on this plan. Please advise. Any help will be appreciated.