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New install and cannot use VOD.

Question asked by pretired on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by shaw-phil

I asked this question on another VOD post and it appears to have been closed.

We just had our system installed a couple of weeks ago and have had problems, years ago when we had Shaw we had lots of problems regarding signal strength, one installer even had difficulty getting the equipment to initiate due to signal problems, so I'm wondering if this is all related to that?

First we had problems with the guide not showing after 7pm on the day it was installed, after unplugging and waiting a good minute and plugging back in the Gateway and Portals (we have whole home PVR) the issue did not resolve.

So I called in and waited, I didn't notice any call back feature so all we can do is wait, and finally the person answered and did something at the other end and the guide started working.

Now we can't access any VOD shows, I have done as suggested on the other thread I asked this, not content to just turn off the Gateway and Portal I unplugged them and waited at minimum a minute before plugging back in last night, and this morning the problem still exists, the VOD button on the remote does nothing, and the PPV channels give me an error of "Signal loss detected. Please call Shaw at 1-888-472-2222".

So not wishing to spend my morning on hold can you do something?