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moving, modem swap, & some other questions

Question asked by yuno-gamer on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by shaw-phil

in a couple weeks my friend is moving into the house im at, first question is:


-will his modem work after self install it or do we have to update address first? we are both in the same city & the house hes moving to already has active lines & shaw services with another resident.


-second question is, he has the cisco dpc3848v, yet another model known for the puma chipset problem & no one seems to want to fix it yet intel already released fixes.. would we be able to request a modem swap for...a hitron? (i hear the dpc3825 barely supports enough downstream channels for internet 150 at all times of day & i had the hitron before, it was fine).


-third questions is, if we cant swap the modem, or theres a charge, can the dpc3848v be put in bridge mode? he is not using bridge mode now cause his router isnt powerful enough to support nat @ 150mbps his is a single core 720mhz, but mine is its a dual core 1.7ghz


-forth question, will the dpc3848v ever get a update to fix puma issue like the hitron did? what about prioritizing icmp? the hitron also didnt do that earlier this year, but got a update one day after enough of us complained about it