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Marantz receiver cannot connect to Ethernet network

Question asked by neil123 on Aug 20, 2017
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Greetings all,


I just switched out my old Cisco DPC3825 cable modem/router for a new Hitron CGNM-2250 wireless cable gateway. My old Cisco cable modem had been giving me troubles for the last few months and finally stopped sending signal out over the Ethernet. So Shaw kindly swapped it out for me. Before the swap and troubles with the Cisco cable modem my home Ethernet network worked fine. It is fairly elaborate with Ethernet 5e cables throughout the house supporting a Sonos sound system upstairs and down stairs, an Apple TV upstairs and in the basement, my LG Smart TV in the basement, and my Marantz NR1606 receiver in the basement. All are hardwired into the Ethernet network. The Marantz receiver was able to play internet radio stations and also my music library directly from my Network Attached Storage. I have a 2 TB Seagate GoFlex NAS connected directly to the cable modem via Ethernet. As a result, I was able to use an iPhone app from Marantz to control my music library playing over the Marantz receiver. The Sonos app did something similar for the Sonos system on the main floor and upstairs.


The new Hitron cable modem works excellently. I am so pleased with how it has improved both the wireless and Ethernet performance of my home network.


However, I can no longer establish an internet connection to my Marantz receiver. Everything else works fine. I can watch Netflix on the LG Smart TV in the basement, and through my Apple TV upstairs. My Sonos sound system is working fine on the main floor and upstairs. My internet connection via Ethernet to my desktop and via WiFi to my iPhone is better than it was with the Cisco. But my Marantz receiver cannot play internet radio or access my music library stored on my NAS. I know it is not an issue with the Ethernet to the basement as the LG TV and Apple TV down there are being fed by the same Ethernet cable. I use a D-Link switch to deliver the signal to each piece of AV equipment.


Before swapping the Cisco for the Hitron, my desktop PC would register the NAS media player, Sonos, LG TV, and Marantz receiver in my Network connections (I use Windows 10). Everything still appears in my network on my PC except for the Marantz. I remember having this same problem with the internet connection to my Marantz receiver a couple of years ago but cannot remember how it was solved. I remember that one day the Marantz receiver just started to be recognized by my home network and was accessible by the Marantz app on my iPhone. I honestly do not remember doing anything to make that happen last time.


When I check the Network settings on the Marantz it indicates that DHCP is on, that I have an IP address that looks like what I would expect from my Hitron cable modem, and I have a MAC address. But it is blank on connection indicating that the Marantz does not detect an internet connection.


Can anyone help?