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MoCA 2.0 + Shaw Internet & TV

Question asked by notthatpatrick on Aug 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by kevinds

Hi there, I will preface this with that I know this is not supported by Shaw, but it used to work handsomely up until a month ago, so I am convinced that this can be fixed and back in work in order with a few modifications and a can-do attitude.

So the background... In our house, WiFi has never travelled well and there are no Ethernet connections in any of the rooms, but we wanted to have a wired internet system where each room could have wired internet access. The solution ended up being a big obvious, MoCA! I've attached the original schematic (in PDF form in better resolution if it helps) that worked without fault for about 6-7 months, but suddenly a few weeks ago it became completely inoperable. The tech guy that came to the house was obviously flustered with such a setup that isn't supported by Shaw and that "Shaw uses all the frequencies!", so whatever that means... This wasn't the most helpful response, but what I might gather from it is that Shaw maybe introduced a new service, channels, etc. towards the upper end, around 1500MHz (in the MoCA area), and we're now making a big mess of all the signals on the cable.

The Shaw hardware that we have running in the house:

- DCX3510-M

- DCT3416

- Hitron CGNM-2250

The third party unsupported hardware that we're running in the house:

- Actiontec ECB6200 Moca 2.0 bonded adapters

- MoCA POE filter

- MoCA approved passive 8-way splitter

So I suppose what I'm wondering is:

- What happened in the last month or so on Shaw's end where things could have changed and made this setup inoperable?

- What might I be able to do on my end to mend this system in order to get it back up and running?

Any help/advice from this community will be greatly appreciated.